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Brand: Bernhardt Model: 01-BICYCLE-1885
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Combination Hammer HR2631F
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Brand: Blue Clean Model: 01-01-01
Easy-to-grip handle ergonomically designed to give maximum power thrust.• 3 operation modes – hammering, hammering with rotation, rotation.• Less bit wobbling.• One-touch sliding chuck for easy bit change.• Operation mode change lever positioned on the bottom of gear housing for reduced possibility ..
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Dining Tables 1
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Brand: Blue Clean Model: 03-04-01
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Dining Tables 3
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Brand: Bernhardt Model: 03-04-03
5,400.00 SR
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Double Safety Tape 81722311
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Brand: Bernhardt Model: 03-04-02
Ergonomic DesignHeavy Duty Bull HookTrue Zero Self Adjust Hook..
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Gasoline Engine KY20T Gasoline Engine KY20T
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Model: 02-01
* Gasoline Engine.* Single Cylender..
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Grease Bucket 8175513
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Model: 06-ASTEROID
Easy To Carry Lift HandleHeavy Duty Long Lever HandleHeavy Duty Cast Iron Pump With Air Release ValveHeavy Duty Long Lever HandleMax. Grease Level Marked On The Grease BucketHigh Pressure Rubber HoseWith WheelsSteel Bucket With foot Rest..
696.00 SR
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Modern Bed Room 1
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Brand: Bernhardt Model: 01-02-01
23,505.60 SR
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Service Table 1 Service Table 1
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Brand: Bernhardt Model: 03-02-01
The nest of tables can be used as three separate side tables or as one long coffee table depending on your needs. When they’re nested together the smallest table becomes a hideout for your remote controls...
576.00 SR
Ex Tax:480.00 SR
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